Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moving right along...

Project update.

MY CURRENT PROJECT: Tramontana photos and album choices. Waiting on Drysdale prints.
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: Fragile by Kylie Minogue
CRAVING: to eat less, work out and lose some pounds
NEEDED A MOMENT: missed certified letter, wondering what it could be
BEST MOMENT: seeing Chipper yawn so much, lol...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cover your assets

Every once in a while I see a product that I just love. This is one that solves an on going issue with the low-cut jeans for the ladies! It's a called a hip-T, which is a hip band that goes around the top of your jeans (or dress pants) so when you bend over, you're not exposing the world your personal space. All the while looking great as a layered look with your shirt. I saw it quickly on the Today's Show fashion as a preview for 2009 and then couldn't find where to buy. So after much research I found this site that explains it well and offers a variety of styles and colors. Go hip-T!
MY CURRENT PROJECT: finishing the Drysdale Wedding, waiting on album prints.
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: listening to the movie music that Jim is watching
CRAVING: to not work
NEEDED A MOMENT: can't believe we slept in that long!
BEST MOMENT: snuggling & watching Friday Night Lights with my hubby

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hibernating Trends: Mini Albums

The newest trend! Mini purse size 2x3 inch wedding albums - I'm so on it. We'll be offering them shortly. $75 for 10 mini-albums. Holds 25 photos. Available for any occasion or package.

I know, I'm slacking on the blog a little. I've been working extreme hours trying to get all the weddings on file done. Extreme hours as in until 3am and getting anywhere from 4-6 hours sleep. But it's all worth it. It feels really good to have some steady time to work on the weddings.
I've haven't been leaving the house much either, who wants to with this chilling weather anyway? Even skiing places are closed. Yikes. That's when you know it's too cold. So I've been hibernating.

MY CURRENT PROJECT: Drysdale photos and album selections. And mini-album research.
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: If you're not in it for love by Shania Twain
CRAVING: warm toes!
NEEDED A MOMENT: overwhelming experience; and Dunkin Donuts - please understand that some people out there are allergic to eggs and don't take it so personal when I ask for no egg. Geesh! Maybe someday they'll get my sandwich right.
BEST MOMENT: Realizing I'm pretty good competition

Monday, January 12, 2009


Just a project update.

MY CURRENT PROJECT: Finishing Clothier wedding.
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: One more time by Daft Punk
CRAVING: to organize everything in the house!
NEEDED A MOMENT: material things can break, even the ones that mean the most
BEST MOMENT: Jim making me laugh

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mouse Hand Warmer

If you suffer from cold hands when on the computer for a very long time like I do, I found something really cool to help and I ordered one to try. So far, it really does work, very warm, almost too warm! The downside: obviously you have to take it in and out in order to type and if you use shortcuts on the keyboard as much as I do, your hand is out a lot anyway. And now my other hand freezes, lol. But over all, I give a warm thumbs up!

Also, after a recent post, I found a new water bag for cameras. Not sure how I feel about it yet. But who knows for the future. If you or anyone you know has this, let me know your thoughts on how good it works.

MY CURRENT PROJECT: Clothier wedding in between other things
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: Too Much by Dave Matthews Band
CRAVING: to get rid of this headache
NEEDED A MOMENT: I'm not ready for Jim to go back to work a new shift
BEST MOMENT: chapstick and mail

Friday, January 9, 2009

First PicPal

Starting this Sunday I will put out my first PicPal photos. Jill Chouinard will be sharing her time and creative photos with me. I will post them on a link off my website.

MY CURRENT PROJECT: Clothier wedding. Finished Mingucci wedding today.
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: Who's sorry now by Connie Francis
CRAVING: more time
NEEDED A MOMENT: HeeeLLo! strangers...
BEST MOMENT: The best conversations come from awkward moments.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Inspired by the idea which was made into a book named: A Year of Mornings

I would like to start PicPals. It's kind of like a pen pal only you share photos not letters. For women only and their artistic photography views of the world. Once a week you must take a photo of something you saw, it can be as creative as you want and I will also share one back. Whether through email or through your own blog is up to you. If I get more than one response then we can either start another pair that can share or I can post them all. I haven't come up with any specific rules yet but I do think it should be taken on a specific day of the week around the same time. Maybe you can help me with ideas, I'd love to hear. I know we are all busy, including myself but it's good to stop for a moment and re-energize your creative being.

MY CURRENT PROJECT: Minqucci Wedding.
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: When You Leave That Way You Can Never Go Back by Confederate Railroad
CRAVING: to focus
NEEDED A MOMENT: Last night our fan blew up and smoked up the whole house! - eg
BEST MOMENT: I love new ideas even if they may not pan out

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Best photo of 2008

Well I didn't have time to do a 2008 year in review of my wedding favorites like I usually do. But I do believe I have the best photo taken EVER in 2008 and it happens to be of my sister Bee taken by her daughter, Bryona. This was after her close call with cancer and many other medical problems. Thanks for everyone's support, thoughts and prayers!
Happy New Year 2009 everyone! Cheers!

MY CURRENT PROJECT: Minqucci Wedding
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: Don't stop the music by Rihanna
NEEDED A MOMENT: I can't decide what to feature first!
BEST MOMENT: My wonderful New Year's kiss from my Hubby :)

To Mandy...

Here is a video & song that I want to dedicate to my friend Mandy.

So Small by Carrie Underwood