Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Photographer's passion: Snowflakes" in The Chronicle Newspaper

Something so cool made the hottest press in town: My Snowflakes & The Glens Falls Chronicle! 

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BEST MOMENT: Seeing my Snowflakes on the front page of The Chronicle

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winter Special

*Winter Special Only* Runs December thru March but you may book this for any time of the year. For inquires, available dates or questions please contact Holly or Jim Greene at 518-307-2747 or

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Friday, December 5, 2014

All Over Albany Article - The snowflake photographer: Holly Greene

Not every artist is lucky enough to have their work published (let alone before death) Ha! So I am so very excited to share the article from All Over Albany.

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NEEDED A MOMENT: 99Designs confusion: real deal or no?
BEST MOMENT: Snowflake Article

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

1999 Wedding Special

Only $1999.00 for both Photo and DJ coverage of your wedding! This special includes 6 hours of photography coverage by Out of the Ordinary Photography and 5 hours of DJ coverage by Party Productions USA. To keep the cost under $2000.00 this is a limited photo coverage package with 6 hours of coverage and you only receive 300 edited photos out of what is captured during the coverage period. This is a limited time offer. Based on availability. Some restrictions apply. SHARE WITH FRIENDS! This is a great deal and dates are limited, so act now! You may upgrade for more photos and longer DJ service at an additional cost.  
MY CURRENT PROJECT: Davenport Wedding
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: 1999 by Prince
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NEEDED A MOMENT: multi-tasking
BEST MOMENT: mmm chicken parm

Friday, September 5, 2014

Photo displaying and common courtesy

Without naming names, I had a vendor contact me regarding posting a photo of their product and listing their business info on my website. This was years ago and apparently the product was so nicely captured and nicely done, that people were calling them at all hours, even after the vendor had ended their business. The person was understandably not happy. Yes, good publicity can sometimes be a bad thing. This brought up other questions about how I use the photos I take for advertisement and display. I feel I owe it to all my past and current customers to explain this because every photographer is different. There is some legal issues that express how to handle certain situations but ultimately most is common courtesy. So I will begin... 

I, myself, often fill in or help other photographers that are just starting out or have health issues that make it so they cannot cover a scheduled event. I do this because I hate to see couples on their wedding day without quality coverage that they thought they would have. Plus I also enjoy taking photos. When I do photos under another persons business/name, I do not use them or display them as mine. Now this is not an easy thing because I enjoy displaying nice photos but it is not only the legal way to handle it but a professional way to do business. I also will on occasion allow job shadowing through Out of the Ordinary. They do not get paid and don't have any legal right to display the photos for profit including advertisement unless agreed by me or the customers that hired me. I do try to tag the person job shadowing as the taker of the photo when possible out of common courtesy. I have plenty of my own photos to display so if you see one taken by another person displayed, it is not only because it's a nice photo, it is because I try to give them the ability to have some sort of public recognition and portfolio. I have to do this without losing control of the privacy needs of my customers. A second photographer works in the same as a job shadower except they are paid depending on the agreement. With the photos I own, meaning all the photos taken under my business/name, or those working/job shadowing with me, I have a written contract with all wedding parties to use their photos. I have a verbal contract with all other events. The photos displayed throughout the Out of the Ordinary website, facebook and any advertising is selected personally by me. If you ever see a photo/s you don't want displayed please let me know and I will take it down. Your happiness and comfort is more important than my right to use them. 

Sometimes other companies and people have been given the right to use my photos. These photos should display in some way a credit to me/Out of the Ordinary. This is also needed so I don't lose control of the privacy needs of my customers. If you see a photo credited to me that you don't want displayed please let me know and I will do my best to correct this ASAP. With the age we live in, people have the ability to take photos from other web pages, facebook pages and other means. If you see one of your photos displayed without crediting me then this is without my permission and should be addressed with the person using them. To my surprise, I have seen my photos used in magazines, ads, newspapers, at wedding shows, business websites, business facebook pages and even on other photographers' pages identified as their own without permission or tagging me in anyway. Although I am flattered and enjoy the display of my work, it goes against the privacy policy that my customers deserve and will do my best to correct it. Hope this was informative and sorry about the length.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Come see us at our first Bridal Expo

COME SEE US at The Saratoga TODAY's Enchanted Wedding BRIDAL EXPO at the Saratoga Springs City Center on Sunday, September 7th, 2014 from NOON to 3pm. If you or anyone you know is planning a wedding; this is the place to be! Out of the Ordinary should also be listed in The Saratogian Echanted Wedding Expo ad.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Referral Program

Our Referral Program starting August 1, 2014.

How it works: Refer a photo session or wedding. Once they book, sign and pay, you get a gift certificate after their session or wedding is complete, towards any Out of the Ordinary products/packages. It is up to the referrer to contact us requesting the gift certificate. We will need the name and date of event/s for the person/s you referred.

If you plan ahead, you could save yourself a lot of money. For example if you were planning for a wedding or your upcoming teen's senior portraits, you can start referring years in advance and try to collect enough gift certificates so that your event coverage could be free. The earning possibilities are endless! They also make great gifts...

Here's what you could earn per booked referral of:
Weddings: $50
Engagement: $25
Bridal or Dirty My Dress: $25
Maternity: $25
Newborn: $25
Toddler, Children or Mommy & Me: $25 Family Session: $25
Modeling/Couples/Headshots: $25
Senior Portraits: $25
Businesses: $25
Baptisms: $15

NOTES: *No referral limit. *Only one gift certificate will be handed out per event. *Gift certificate goes to the first person that requests it and is verified as the referrer for the session or event. *In the chance that we get duplicate verified referrals on the same day, it will be split between them. *These are not the prices of photo sessions, events or wedding.

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